Weight (Est): 36,500kgs (80,469lbs)

Transport Width: 3m (9'10")

Transport Length: 17.87m (58'7")

Transport Height: 3.4m (11'2")

Working Width: 16.32m (53'7")

Working Length: 18.6m (61')

Working Height: 4.63m (15'2")

Screenunit: 6.1m x 1.8m (20'x6')

Weight (Est): 47,500kg (104,720lbs)

Transport Width: 3.2m (10'6")

Transport Length: 17.75m (58'3")

Transport Height: 3.6m (11'10")

Working Width: 16.25m (53'3")

Working Length: 18.85m (61'10")

Working Height: 4.75m (15'7")

Screenunit: 6.1m x 1.8m (20'x6')

  • Output potential up to: H5163: 600 tph (661 US tph)
  • Output potential up to: H6203: 800 tph (882 US tph)
  • High capacity variable speed direct feed belt feeder
  • Heavy duty triple shaft screenboxes with adjustable stroke
  • Oil bath screenbox bearing lubrication
  • Elliptical throw (adjustable 16-19mm/0.55-0.75″)
  • Hydraulic folding stockpiling conveyors
  • Screen walkway and access ladder
  • Diesel hydraulic power unit
  • Heavy duty, low ground pressure tracks
  • Engine protection and shut down system
  • Variable speed incline apron feeder
  • Radio controlled tracks
  • Roll-in bogie
  • Roll-in bogie prepared
  • Dual power