Ranger 6-27H

Conveyor Length: 92’ 3.5’’ / 28.13m

Belt Width: 48’’ / 1200mm

Max Discharge Height: 38' 1.6‘’ / 11.62m

Max Capacity: 661 US TPH / 600 TPH

  • Pinless Deployment
  • Discharge Head Drum Bearing Automatic Greasing Cartridge
  • External Conveyor Belt Adjustment
  • Engine Prestart Delay & Siren
  • Emergency Stops x 3

The Ranger 6-27H high level feeding conveyor features the longest standard conveyor length within the Ranger series while maintaining a high level of robustness. It combines the highly versatile feeder system and stockpiling conveyor, to the operator to directly discharge from wheel loaders to reduce the amount of material handling on site. The fully mobile units can be used for a ‘metered or controlled’ feed of material into any ProStack products or other machines.